Sušak Action 2014

The SUŠAK ACTION  is conceived as a series of interventions in collaboration with the students from the Civil Engineering School, and mentors Branka Batričević and Asja Rukavina Bikić.

Walking together through the streets of Sušak the teenagers explore abandoned spaces. They explain their views on these spaces, share their wishes, name the missing contents they think would make their neighbourhood more pleasant for living and schooling. After the walk, research about the historical and social factors determining public spaces follows. The aim is to motivate the students to articulate their own wishes and devise the contents to satisfy their needs. The Sušak Action questions civic involvement, especially among the youth, in the shaping of living space. It attempts to motivate the local community and city administration to consider revitalisation needs in this part of the city.

Commissioned by MMSU Rijeka for Spajalica – Copula Art interventions in public space