Purify your emotions 2005

Video performace, SD video, Pal, 17min,loop

Violence, the one thing that we live and we bring upon ourselves every day. We are not conscious, most of the time, of the harm thet we inflict to our selfs. Added to the social contest it becomes acceptable and from a certain point of view normal (drinking, smoking, teking drugs, hurting our selfs, blaming our selfs etc.). At the moment that one of these violent acts is extracted from its “acceptable” context it becomes gratuitous violence and incomprehensible. The video performance purify your emotions (duration 17min) is isolating one of these acts, drinking to the point of being sick.

Full aware of the violence that I’m doing, I separate the mind of the body and observe the effect that it has, both physically, emotionally and mentally, causing various emotions in the viewer from the disgust, to fear, to sadness, but at the same conscious of the pure and raw violence.