The tourism of war 2016

Video: HD 1080p,16:9, PAL, color, loop / audio: mp3

The tourism of war is a video audio installation that talks about the Illusion of freedom. The migration has always been a part of the human existence; first migrations have started over 2bilon years ago. Now we are closing the borders in front of the people running away from war, for which we are all responsible. What hypocrisy. However, by closing the borders we are also closing our self’s in and limiting ours on freedom. The video represents a sea to cross to an island in the distance that represents hope but the island is Goli otok and it was a prison from 1948-1988. Let us not turn hope into a prison. In this time of globalization, do not be fooled that it is not happening to you, and become a war tourist. What is happening to them can easily happen to you, it happened to my country just 25 years ago. The sound on the headphones is screaming open the borders, from loud to total silence.