You don’t even need a man 2021

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We use so many words to define us. But what if those words just put us in a box, give us labels, put boundaries on us. None of those words are we. The more we try to escape the more boxes we invent, the bigger walls we build. None of those words gives us freedom that we seek.

I have so many faces, even I lost count, none of them is I and all of them are me. They told me so many times that I was strange; sometimes I cared too much other times I didn’t care enough. I was labeled by the needs of others.

I can’t tell you how many times I was asked if I was a boy ore a girl or how many times I’ve heard a sentence you don’t even need a man. But, I never told them that I don’t need a woman either.

It is the need; the need is what scares me. The need makes you vulnerable, the need to fit in, to be recognized, to be loved, to be accepted. If I lose the need, I might become free but I might become dull to.