Ribanje i ribarsko prigovaranje 2016

Within the framework of the Pilot Program Građani svome gradu, which aims to provide conditions for re-establishing the community and dialogue, thereby stimulating the revitalization of some of the parts that used to be very live parts of Sušak, an event called Ribanje I ribarsko prigovaranje will be held. The site of the event is the cult gathering of the Rijeka youth Kont (Titov trg) – a pedestrian bridge on Rječina whose construction, symbolically united and connected Rijeka and Sušak exactly seventy years ago.

Artist Nika Rukavina, prior to the event did a workshop for high school children (Civil Engineering High School in Rijeka) where they were thought to do graffiti stencils, and they had a freedom to tell the city government and everybody what they want and what they miss in the city. The graffiti where applicated using a special impregnation for concrete that makes it visible only when it rains. Which in Rijeka is almost all the time.