Pojiliste 2005

is an ambient art installation from 2005.Installation consists of two parts: In the first part we see the tubes that are connected to the infusion bottle, noting runs through the tubes and the infusion bottles. Reminiscent of the patient’s body pinned to the infusion. Just as here the ‘Body’ is completely separated from the Life Force: there is no flow of energy. The Impression on the viewer: is making him uneasy.In the second part of the installation is the video. The blinding light, and drop that drips evenly: light, movement, life energy flowing gives the impression of joy and beauty.The first section, ‘hospital’, clearly symbolizes the current state of mind in the artist who feels his body is separated from the life-force, separate from the Spirit.The second part appears in a vision of what life can be, and what actually is and should be a union of spiritual and material, a material should gain it energy from the spiritual