Artist statement


Nika Rukavina (Rijeka, 1980.) is a multimedia artist working predominantly in installation, but her practice includes performance, panting, drawing, sculpture and video.

Her primary interest is a research and understanding of inner human psychology and philosophy.Questions like: who are we, why do we act in certain way, the unity with the nature and universe.using the space as a powerful instrument of expression because it integrates the public and the artwork.

Rukavina has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Croatia and internationally. Her artistic practice also includes collaborations. She is one of the co-owner of the graphics studio and a co-founder of the Art Association Plus.

In 2010 she was president of the art board of the Croatian Society of Artists Rijeka, and one of the winners of the Ivo Kalina Award, the city of Rijeka art award for the best exhibition in 2009 (VIA international art project). In 2007 she won a first prize of the Croatian Society of Artists Rijeka competition in the Multimedia category, the Exhibition 60 +1 – expanded media.

 She graduated in 2006 at the Accademia di Belle Arti, Venice, Italy