Don’t be so emotional by Nika Rukavina | Performing Arts – Bozar

‘Don’t be so emotional’ is a sentence that was repeated to the Croatian artist Nika Rukavina throughout her childhood and which had a great deal of impact on her behaviour and inability to deal with emotions. 😒
During her performance at Bozarlast November she carved the sentence in stone to replicate the pain that was inflicted on her by those words and then by breaking the stone she liberated herself from past traumas.
In a second part of the performance, the audience were invited to choose their own sentence, write it on stone and break it in order to experience their own symbolic liberation.

Big thanx to Ann Geeraerts and Bozar team for having my Don’t be so emotional perfromance and the great people that came to be a part of it! It was so special and emotional 😊